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Flexible Work Resources for Home Workers

In the past Flexibility has not specialised in providing resources for individuals working (or wanting to work) from home.

And as there are numerous good sites out there doing just this, our policy will remain to point you in the right direction - see our FAQ below.

But we will be building up resources and links to help you gain insight into the issues.

Here are the articles:

Case study: Telework at Nortel Networks
We present a case study of teleworking at a company that has some 12, 000 teleworkers and has been doing it for around a decade. This includes a personal case history from someone who's been doing from the start - and she still enjoys it.

Health & Safety for teleworking 
An outline of the issues every teleworker should know about health and safety requirements. 

Profile: The Telework Association 
Europe's largest telework-promoting organisation: we take a look at what it does.

Teleworking in the sun: the Crete Telework Network
Fancy getting away from it all - apart from the work, that is? How tourism and telework combine in the sunshine. 

Technologies for working anywhere
Our guide to the various places you can work, and the options for kit and communications.

Live-Work space
A report from the Joseph Rowntree Foundation highlights the issues and "grey areas" involved in working at home.

Turn it off!
Or you may need a complete escape from the 24x7 world of work. US telework prophet Gil Gordon urges you to do so

Bosses go home - can we come too?
Many managers see working from home as being necessary and acceptable for themselves - but are reluctant to authorise others to do so...

Working anywhere
The DTI has updated its guide to working anywhere - god introductory advice here. Nice pictures, too.

A Statistical Portrait of Working from Home
Researchers from Leicester University tackle the myths and reality of homeworking 

Health and Safety in the Home Office
Government advice on Homeworking, from the UK Health & Safety Executive

Here are our most Frequently Asked Question about working from home - and some attempt at an answer

Q.  I would like to work from home. Where can I find a teleworking job?

A. We receive a lot of open-ended enquiries like this. The key question is, "What do you do?" Teleworking usually involves doing what you normally do, only from someplace else. So teleworking is not a job so much as a way of doing a job.

With this kind of enquiry we assume that the worker wants to be completely home-based. But it is far more common for people to telework on a part-time basis, so it can be a question of identifying work within a job which is suitable to be undertaken at home. Say your job involves meetings with clients. These will usually have to be carried out at the normal venue. But much of the paperwork could be done at home - if the employer allows.

We usually advise as a first port of call our friends in the Teleworkers Association. Their magazine regularly carries ads from employers seeking people for teleworking types of jobs, and gives the opportunity for members to network with each other. There's also which has links to jobsearch sites - it looks like an OK site, but our disclaimer applies!

There are a number of websites where freelancers (or e-lancers) can bid for work. These include:

We are of course not responsible for the content of these sites, and you will need to rely on your own judgement in assessing their worth and in deciding on any follow-up actions you take.

Q. I've heard there are a lot of homeworking scams - how can I tell?

A. The online world is much like the off-line world. Basically there's no such thing as a free lunch. Each of us here at Flexibility gets several emails a day promising instant riches. Only one thing to do with them. Bin them.

The typical (email) scam offer includes the following elements:

  • A promise of easy money - earning thousands of $ in your spare time, or "just sit back and watch the money roll in!"

  • An "I didn't believe it either, until..." section, or "you wouldn't believe it, but it's true".. Nah, I don't believe it at all!

  • Some kind of - fake - testimony. Maybe a supposed friend who showed the way: "Now I earn twice as much as Jerry!" Or reference to an un-named TV show on a major network ("which gave over a whole evening to this remarkable scheme"). 

  • No clear mention of what it is the work involves

  • The sting - you have to part with $29.99 - maybe for a training CD, or Dr Fraud's Foolproof Moneymaking Manual etc; or maybe it's $350 for some amazing software to do all that "email marketing" which will start the money cascade.

  • Sometimes the sting is delayed - you have to respond to get into the secret. This secret involves shelling out the money. Now you've taken the bait, and the sharks have got their hooks into you, and will reel you in.

Here's a rule of thumb: Anything that asks you to part with money before you make any money is a scam!

Further useful information and advice on scams can be found at Jobsearch .  I'd steer clear of their sponsored links, though!

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This page contains selected links to pages in Flexibility of most relevance to Home-based workers - or people who want to be - about flexible work and organisational change, opportunities etc

Plus, a growing section of Frequently Asked Questions - well, now we're up to 2 of them...