Telecommuting 2000

Time for action in government
and by government

What government can do

National and local government are in pivotal positions to promote telecommuting for its business benefits as well as for traffic reduction.

Government as employer

As major employers, government bodies should lead by example and address the following issues in relation to their own staff:

  • introduce telecommuting as a matter of urgency
  • question the need to travel and the necessity of company cars at all levels of government
  • promote videoconferencing and electronic information exchange so that meetings requiring travel are reduced
  • develop in collaboration with other public sector organisations a national network of drop-in centres for people wishing to work near home or on the road, perhaps starting with their own staff then progressing to the wider public
  • introduce best practice green transport plans which include telecommuting.

Government as policy maker

As policy makers, government should 

  •  take telecommuting to the heart of sustainable transport policy and promote it as an "alternative communication option" to reduce car use, alongside other environmentally-friendly transport modes 
  • ensure that Regional Development Agencies earmark funding for high bandwidth communications, and that infrastructure development is not solely focused on road and rail 
  • incentivise telecommuting through the tax system 
  • support local partnership in developing advanced telecommunications infrastructure to support "wired working". 

Local authorities should press ahead with traffic demand management measures which limit car access, promote greener forms of transport and reclaim the streets for citizens. But they should also support transport substitution as part of their package of local measures and in green transport plans.



"Government bodies should lead by example and introduce telecommuting for their own staff."





"Government should incentivise telecommuting through the tax system."








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