Telecommuting 2000

Reaping the Benefits

Benefits on all fronts

Reaping the benefits for the UK economy

The benefits from the widespread adoption of telecommuting are threefold:

  • the elimination of the tremendous waste involved in congestion, the effects of commuting, and pollution
  • the improvements in productivity which promote competitiveness and growth
  • the development of a high-skill workforce which is ahead of the field in working and trading over electronic networks

Reaping the benefits for employers

The main benefits for employers are:

  • substantial reductions in business mileage and the costs of congestion
  • higher productivity from telecommuting workers
  • lower absenteeism and a happier, more loyal, more flexible and less stressed workforce

All the evidence indicates that it is a lack of awareness of the capabilities of ICT and workplace culture which inhibit organisations from benefiting from telecommuting, rather than any intrinsic business need to cram all workers into one place for the same 8 hours every day.

Benefits for the workforce

Access to work is a problem for many people, for example those with disabilities, with caring responsibilities and people on lower incomes, especially in rural areas. Telecommuting brings work to the people, rather than people to the work.

Reaping the benefits for families

Benefits for employers and personal benefits for employees come together with the reduction in stress, greater work satisfaction and the achieving of a more positive home/work balance.

Reaping the benefits for the community

Telecommuting could help revitalise dormitory villages with more activity during the day and the potential for knock-on local economic effects. Also working people would be able to participate more in the life of their communities, as councillors, governors, magistrates or performing other voluntary work.

Reaping the benefits for the environment

Reduced car travel would benefit the environment, reducing pollution levels and the need to build more roads.



"It is lack of awareness of the capabilities of ICT and workplace culture that inhibit organisations benefiting from telecommuting."




brings work to people, rather than people to the work.

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