Telecommuting 2000

The Telecommuting 2000 Project web pages have been updated to reflect recent developments.

The project draws together research on the costs of congestion and commuting, looking at:

  • the costs to business
  • the costs to individuals
  • the costs to health
  • the costs to the environment
  • the contribution new ways of working can make to traffic reduction.

Telecommuting 2000 then makes recommendations to Government, employers and individuals about how they can take advantage of the benefits.

The aim of these web pages is

  • to put the summary of the project report online
  • to take the project further by adding additional information as it develops, and
  • to stimulate discussion and new thinking through a forum where the key issues can be debated.

A free brochure containing a summary of the main report, and the main report itself, are available in printed format. 

To order these, or for further details about the project and the organisations involved, click here.

Telecommuting 2000 is a research project supported by Symantec and Mitel, and conducted by HOP Associates. As the Government publishes new policies for transport, Telecommuting 2000 advances the arguments for a new approach to travel and work, focusing on the role of transport in an Information Society.

Telecommuting 2000 recognises technology's potential for radical change and its ability to offer benefits to organisations, individuals and society.

In an Information Society a growing proportion of work can be done anywhere. Telecommuting 2000 puts new ways of working alongside traditional travel modes and highlights the benefits that   telecommuting offers businesses, the environment, citizens and society.

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