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The Complete Guide to Flexible Working

Online version

Flexibility's Complete Guide to Flexible Working, published in association with Toshiba, is available to download.  You can do this in 2 ways:

  • in separate chapters, as a series of pdf files (ranging from around 200 kb to 800 kb - it varies according to the length and the graphics), or

  • in one go (minus the covers), a big file of around 3 mb.

Just click on the appropriate link(s) below to download a chapter or the whole opus.




Introduction to flexible working


A strategy for working in the information age


Facilities for work


Technologies for flexible working


Organisations and people


Employability and access to work


Environmental sustainability


Economic regeneration


Implementing a programme



Complete guide - in one large file (3 MB).

12 page preview to the Complete Guide (800 KB).

Cover pages to complete the Complete Guide.

We hope you will find it an enjoyable and informative read. Even more, we hope you will put it to use - we know of several flexible work implementations already that have been using it. If you do likewise, or want some additional help to put its recommendations into practice, please let us know.


Regular readers of Flexibility will know that we initially offered a limited stock of the printed edition of The Complete Guide to managers who registered. Demand has been high!

Sadly - or not so sadly for apostles of the paperless office - this offer has now expired.

However, the online version is available for download. If you have a dial-up modem, we hope you also have something else to do as it comes down the line.

If you would like notification of future updates or related work by the authors, please do register for Flexibility's once-a-month updates, if you haven't done so already.

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