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Teleworking in the sun

Fancy getting away from it all, and flying off to warmer shores? But you still have work to do, and can't be out of touch for too long.

The Crete Telework Network (CTN) is designed to meet the needs of business tourists, and holiday-makers who need to - or just want to - have Internet access. 

The CTN emerged from an earlier European-funded project to develop telemedicine and teleworking in Crete. Hospitals and healthcare centres were networked, and given the importance of tourism for the island, 15 hotels were wired up. 

Telework facilities

Hotels involved in the CTN range from the smaller family-run enterprise to the large luxury hotel. Facilites can include:

  • Touchdown points - where users can connect their laptop

  • Computers in public areas of hotels for access by residents

  • Resort Office - a hotel room doubling as a fully wired up office

  • Business centres providing high-speed access and videoconferencing

Also offered are Virtual Office support and 24-hour technical help.

Access speed is usually by ISDN or 56kb modem, although 2 megabit links are available in some business centres.

Generally people use the network for Internet banking, picking up and sending email and using the Internet for browsing - often to find local information or catching up on news back home.

The number of requests by prospective holiday-makers for such facilities is increasing rapidly. And it's seen as one way of giving the island some competitive advantage. This particularly applies to guests who stay on the island for longer periods, which is becoming quite common over the winter months. 

People are staying for perhaps 3-4 months over the winter to enjoy the beauty of the island, and a milder climate at a time when it's less crowded. Being able to work effectively is an important element of their choice.

Future plans

Future ideas for developing CTN include:

  • expanding the network to include more of the islands accommodation

  • expanding the network to bring connectivity to local small businesses

  • setting up local telecentres or telecottages to encourage the participation of more local people.

The network, then, is playing a role in the economic development of the island. It provides an additional angle to more traditional approaches to tourism, and may be the basis for more innovation to come.

Case Study

Find out about one hotel's experience of joining the Crete Telework Network


The Crete Telework Network website can be found at 

From the site you can link to the hotels and apartments that offer telework facilities and internet access.

For further information about the CTN, contact:

Manolis Stratakis FORTHnet SA 
R&D department 
CTN project 
Tel: +30-81-391200 
Fax: +30-81-391204 




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