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e-Learning for flexible workers

Training solutions for the smart workplace

Often it's the technologies and the office changes that are the highly visible elements of changing to flexible working.  But the crucial component of change is about the people involved - how will they adapt to new ways of working?

People do not automatically adapt to new ways of working - they need to learn to work in different ways.  They need guidance about how to deal with new situations, such as working in distributed or 'virtual' teams, and how to adapt to new offices where space is shared.

Organisations, teams and individuals need new skills, tools and training to thrive in a virtual workplace, with colleagues working in different places and at different times.

Managing in the virtual workplace can challenge the skills of the most experienced manager.  Managers have to learn how to manage performance at-a-distance and to maintain highly effective interaction, collaboration and teamwork.

For employees, working in the distributed workforce poses new challenges about staying visible and connected, maintaining accountability, and managing time, workload and performance.

Flexible training for the flexible workplace

Online learning provides a 21st century solution for training flexible workers, to provide learning beyond the classroom. 

US company e-Work.com have developed a suite of online courses to support managers and employees through the transition to smarter ways of working.  Modules cover training for managers, for employees and issues such as working in shared desking environments and home offices.

Students are led through the courses by video mentors, using a variety of active learning techniques, including scenario-based role playing assessments,  animated interactions (rollover, popup, drag and drop) with complex branching and feedback loops, quizzes and additional resources.

Courses can be saved and resumed later, so learners can work at their own pace, and access modules as they need them.

The courses are also customisable.  Both content and branding can be customised to fit with individual organisations.  They can be hosted on SCORM 1.2 compliant learning management systems, or hosted externally.

The courses have emerged as the market leader in the USA, being used by companies such as Microsoft and AT&T.  Now they are coming to Europe. 

Over the years, we've seen several online learning products come and go.  But none of them have the professional-level quality and depth of knowledge of the e-Work.com courses - and the approach is very much what we recommend. 

Flexibility.co.uk is pleased to be associated with e-Work.com in bringing this top quality online learning resource to the flexible working marketplace here.




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Students are guided through courses
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The eWork.com courses provide quality content and a flexible approach to learning


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