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Teleworking in Crete

This case study reports the experience of one small business, Zorbas Apartments, of being involved in the Crete Telework Network. The Network provides connectivity and support for hotels that offer telework facilities to tourists.

Hotel owner Yorgos Xilouris writes: 

At the beginning of the tourism season in 1999 we started our Internet presence by launching a home page for "Zorbas Apartments". Already from the first year we noticed that often visitors (mainly the ones that booked through our Internet page) were asking us for the possibility of having Internet services available in our pension. 

Since such clients used the Internet to find an accommodation it was obvious that more or less they were frequent users of the web. Therefore we were happy when we were contacted by FORTHnet SA to participate in the CTN project. This meant we were able to offer to our clients not just a PC with an Internet connection but even extra services such as Virtual Office facilities & 24h Technical support.

Zorbas apartments are a small family-run hotel of 7 apartments & studios. We operate all year round. During this first year of participation in the CTN project we have had about 35 customers using the Internet services offered here (all the clients that booked accommodation through our Internet site plus 10 from our repeat visitors). 

There is a "Resort Office" (ISDN) in a common space of the pension, or clients can get an Internet connection in their room for using their own laptop.

We have found that:

  • Clients use IT were very enthusiastic about the possibility of using Internet in their hotel room. 

  • Heavy users bring their own laptop, and they are extremely enthusiastic about being able to get such services in holiday locations 

  • It seems that tourists do not expect to find such services in hotels, so usually they do not think about using the Internet, not because they do not need it during their holidays but because they are almost sure they will get a negative answer. Once they note the CTN logo and description they ask to make use of Internet services.

  • We also noted many clients had seen the facilities advertised on our website 

  • In a few cases (3 visitors) offering such services was the reason clients had chosen to book their holiday with us rather than another pension on Crete.

Our experience from this first year of participation in the CTN project was positive and it is certainly our intention to continue offering Internet services to our clients also for the coming years

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This case study is linked to the article on the Crete Telework Network.

For further information on Zorbas Apartments, contact :

ZORBAS Apartments
Agia Pelagia,
Dimos Gaziou
GR 71304,
Tel: 081-811074
Fax: 081-811518