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Case Studies on Flexible Location
Teleworking. Telecommuting. Location independent working. Remote working. Mobile working.....

It goes by many names, but the principle is similar: the new information and communication technologies (ICT) enables work to be undertaken from from places which previously were thought to be not practicable.

In this section of Flexibility we're building up a selection of case studies showing flexible location work in action.

Telework at Nortel Networks
We present a case study - both corporate and personal - of teleworking at a company that has some 12, 000 teleworkers. It's kind of comforting when people who want to get the rest of us to be more flexible do it themselves, and on such a grand scale. Kind of like architects who live in houses they've built, or physicians who heal themselves, perhaps.

Case studies in "sustainable telework"
How sustainable is telework? We report on the first findings of a European project that is measuring the economic, environmental and social benefits of telework. Includes particular focus on BT (British telecom) and BAA (British Airports Authority) at Heathrow

Teleworking in the sun: the Crete telework Network 
Want to go on holiday - but also stay effectively in touch? The Crete telework Network may have the answer.

These ones are ageing a bit now, but are nonetheless instructive:

Teleworking for MPs
UK MP and former party leader Paddy Ashdown writes about how teleworking helped him to be more effective in his work

Child Benefit Agency
A teleworking scheme has brought significant benefits

Digital Finland : Office of the Future
In some respects a "golden oldie" now, but it highlights many of the important issues involved in flexible officing.  Shame they closed it - but Digital, once a pioneer in the digital age, is no more.

Hertfordshire County Council : Trading Standards
A good example of how the mileage of a highly mobile workforce can be reduced and efficiency increased

St Luke's: Radical office redesign for advertising company
Using space to promote creativity


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